Spirit Wings Dance Company & Studio, is a firm believer in setting the standard of excellence - academically, artistically and spiritually. At Spirit Wings, our heart is to minister to the life of the individual behind their natural gifting or desire as a dancer. With the word of God and submission to His heart for the arts, we have produced vessels of honor with fruit that remains.


Spirit Wings Dance Company was birthed in 1981 and is appointed to reach God's creation with a message of love, hope, peace, joy & healing. The Company has ministered throughout the United States and abroad with renowned artist such as Israel & New Breed, CeCe Winans, Angie & Debbie Winans, Angelo and Veronica, Phil Driscoll, Glad, Jessy Dixon, Fred Hammond, Ron Kenoly (The Perfect Gift Tour), Salvador, Daryl Coley, John P. Kee and many others. The Company is a demonstration of God's standard in their costuming, musical content, technical excellence, choreography, attitudes and lifestyles.


Spirit Wings Dance Company provides the highest caliber of technical discipline where gifts are honed and skills are developed. It is a place where dance becomes more than just a hobby; but an honest expression of worship unto the Father. It is here where we understand that the stage is not a platform for showcasing the dancer, but the stage becomes an overflow of the passion, discipline, hard work, and commitment to excellence without excuses that the Company members live every day. It becomes an extension of their lifestyles, a demonstration of the work that God has done in and through each dancer’s life. It is a place where the gospel is preached through movement.


Based out of Laurel, Maryland, this well-known Company takes performance and worship quite seriously. They provide excellence in their presentation and also in their humility of heart as they dance with all their might before the Lord their God. Acclaimed by national and international leaders, this troupe reflects various cultural styles and dance genres, but all with the sole purpose of making a celebration of praise unto the Lord.

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